News Of The World – How Brexit Shook The World, Europe And UK!

News Of The World – How Brexit Shook The World, Europe And UK!

The news of the Brexit have more than surely sparked numerous conversations and debates. While the process in which the British people have decided to leave the European Union has been more than democratic and a way for everyone to express their own opinion, since the referendum many questions have emerged and an answer might not be the easiest thing. Therefore, I will try to break out the situation by trying to give an answer to these questions.

What Is European Union?

The European Union has been formed in 1993 and it had more than one goal in mind. The purpose of the European Union has been to unite all European states and work towards common interests in many different spheres of life. For example, the European union and the countries which are members, share laws, legislations, standards and share the market. Also, countries which are better off financially such as UK, Germany, France – support countries that are not so fortunate and they invest in their further development.

Why UK Wants To Call It Quits?

There are many reasons why UK might want to leave the European Union. As it has been previously mentioned, all countries within the European Union share legislation, but this also means that an individual country is not fully in charge of the legislation that is being brought and cannot democratically change them. Also, the European union has many bureaucrats and all of them are funded through the membership that one member country has to pay. Furthermore, as a country which is more developed than other members, UK thought that it is unfair that they should invest in other countries rather than their own. Then also, there is the question of immigration that we should discuss separately.

What About Immigration?


Since the war in Syria has been raging, many people have left their homes and entered the European union in search for a new home. Still, the vast numbers of immigrants do not want to stay in underdeveloped countries of Europe or European union. Their goal is to reach developed countries such as Germany, Sweden and UK. Also, at one point European union as a whole realized that these immigrants will stay here and therefore have decided to share them among themselves so that each country would get their own share of immigrants. The thoughts of immigrants vary, and while some people might oppose the idea because of the fear of these immigrants or personal xenophobia, many others also believe that immigrants are there to take free social help and money, or occupy free work spaces. Furthermore, immigrants – due to their difficult status, are often more than willing to work the same job for a smaller salary and this affects people who are from these countries. If the UK were to step aside from the EU, they would not have to get immigrants and would close off their borders instead. Furthermore, the economical downfall is to follow as the trading deals and market will change for the UK.

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